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Robin Pharmaceuticals Limited began operations in 1960 as a predominantly retail, pharmacy business based in Auckland. These humble beginnings, coupled with the enthusiasm, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of the founder Robin Sinclair, saw the beginnings of the first veterinary products.

Products were originally created to help remedy specific skin conditions experienced in dairy cows. This early association with New Zealand's important and sophisticated farming industry, helped set the high standards for product development that continues today.

A range of topical applications quickly gained a solid reputation for their efficacy in meeting the stringent and high standards of New Zealand's dairy industry.

In the 1990's, the company moved to Rotorua, expanded its manufacturing facilities and continued to develop more veterinary-based products in close collaboration with specific sectors, not only dairy and general farming but also the equine sector plus the domestic pet market, all of which are serviced by general veterinary clinics.

Today the company specialises in veterinary topical application products under the brand name Aniwell. The company has also added a range of special, human skin care and skin applications under a separate brand name, Skin Clinic…used primarily in hospitals and nursing clinics.

Robin Pharmaceuticals has always had a special "can do" attitude. At first developing products to meet specific veterinary issues (such as facial eczema), the company has developed significant resources and experience over 30 years that have helped to create a range of over 25 different products under the brand names of Aniwell or Skin Clinic.

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